Media Sana is a multimedia artists collective that works with communication and citizenship. The group’s live shows evolved out of experiments which provided the average citizen with access to the complex world of the media by way of recycling media images.

This is done by re-using images, newspaper headlines, information bulletins and TV sound-bites, chosen for reason of their semantic content, sonority, visual appearance or political content. These media clippings are then linked with the notes of a musical score to form a “media song”, composed of verses and a chorus. Each of these songs deals a particular issue relating to citizenship (television, ecology etc.) and can be recreated and updated to incorporate newly collected samples.

In their live shows the band plays electronic instruments (keyboard and sampler) connected through the MIDI language to computers that generate pre-recorded images and effects projected on a screen. It is a spectacle that combines musical performance and video montage, synchronized in real time. After the show, the band records members of the audience’s comments on the issues broached to be inserted in compositions used in future shows.

By using media clippings to create new audiovisual compositions of a communicative nature, Media Sana aims to establish a dialogue with the mass media. By creating a genuine interaction between the audience and the communications media, Media Sana give back to individual citizens the ability to exercise their citizenship rights, recasting them as shapers of opinion, not merely passive receptors.

The collective’s compositions are not copyright, as they consider them to be open source code in the public domain. The use of images produced by third parties in this project is covered legally by Article 46 of Chapter IV of Copyright Law No. 9610 of 19 February 1998, which states that the “quotation in books, newspapers, magazines or any other communications medium of passages from any work, for the purposes of study, criticism or discussion, in whatever quantity these purposes require, provided the name of the author and the origin of the work are clearly indicated” does not constitute a breach of copyright.

Apart from providing entertainment, Media Sana aims to raise the awareness of the viewing public of citizenship issues, providing a channel for airing public opinion and putting forward social agendas for the mass communications media.

To achieve this objective, Media Sana holds shows at parties, festivals, congresses and in public squares in the city of Recife, using portable equipment mounted in a van. Apart from shows, the group runs workshops and participates in debates. Recordings and other information are available for download on this site.


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